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Building Vehicle Robot

Why Us!

What sets us apart is our team and what we offer. Comprising highly educated instructors with PhDs and master's degrees in Robotics, our team is backed by a university professor with over two decades of expertise in robotic research and education. What sets us apart is our comprehensive approach, which goes beyond coding and programming to include hands-on robot building from the ground up. If you want your kids to be ready for the future, they need to learn these things when they're young.

southlake office

Our Locations

Our offices are conveniently situated across three North Texas locations: Flower Mound, Southlake, and Frisco!

Making robot is fun!

Picture your child crafting their own robots to tackle real-world challenges! Building robots demands unique knowledge not readily available elsewhere. While our competitors solely focus on programming and coding, we offer much more!


AI is going to change many things!

In the future, AI is poised to revolutionize numerous aspects of our lives, potentially impacting many jobs. As automation becomes more prevalent, certain tasks may become obsolete, leading to shifts in employment opportunities. Therefore, equipping children with knowledge in robotics will be increasingly vital for navigating the evolving job landscape. This expertise will prepare them to thrive in a world where robotics and AI play increasingly prominent roles in various industries and professions.

Robotic is the future!

Robotics will play a significant role in the future due to their ability to automate tasks, enhance efficiency, and tackle challenges in various industries. As technology advances, robotics will continue to evolve, offering innovative solutions to complex problems and transforming the way we live and work.

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