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Frequently Asked Questions






Why do Kids need Robotics Education?

A 2020 World Economic Forum report predicted that robotics and automation would displace 85 million jobs globally in the coming five year. Our robotics and STEM courses will make your kids ready for the jobs in future markets. Our Robotics classes are hands-on practical application sessions for all the knowledge students learn in the K-12 curriculum and STEM education. This practice improves computational knowledge and problem-solving skills.

What Age is Best to Begin Robotics Education for Kids?

The best age to start robotics is 6 years or when kids are in kindergarten or first grade. The reason for it being that kids have longer attention spans as they grow older and they know how to read and perform basic computer instructions, which helps in robotics classes. Starting young improves kids’ ability to work in teams and engage different members in creative discussions. Using a hands-on approach for solving small-scale problems ensures they understand deep abstract concepts of coding and programming the robots.

What do Kids Learn in Robotics Classes?

Robotics classes teach all the STEM principles in the form of fun robots. The kids program the robots using coding skills and design it using arts, engineering and 3D printing . Mathematics and technology are also involved.  So what kids learn in robotics classes is STEM education and the detailed working of machinery


What is a robotics course for my kid?

Building, operating, creating, developing, and applying codes to make a robot operate is all part of AI, which is a field of STEM. It is a means of acquiring control over machines in simple terms. It is a fast-growing field with several job opportunities in the future. AI classes for kids are a fantastic concept for parents who want to prepare their children for the future.


How do I know if robotics classes are right for my child?

You know what they say…you don’t know unless you try! You can’t be 100% sure that robotics for kids is right for your child unless you let them experience a few classes. These classes should be age-appropriate so that your child understands what’s going on and doesn’t get frustrated. You also want to check that the instructors are properly certified and have a solid background in robotics. You want your child to be taught by people who are experienced and have a love for teaching children about the exciting world of robotics.

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